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Reclaim the Pub: How will the cuts affect women

December 7, 2010

Hello pub reclaimers! Following my rather garbled last post, I can confirm that the next Reclaim the Pub will be taking place on December 15th. Yes, it’s a Wednesday, and we usually meet on Thursdays. It’s party season, and Wednesday was all they had.

We’ll be in the same place as usual: The Roebuck, which is near Borough Tube, and has plenty of bicycle parking available. If you have Facebook, feel free to RSVP to the event. Our table is reserved for Ms Lovelace, as always 🙂

Our theme this month is “How Will The Cuts Affect Women?” For why this issue is important, have a look here.

Anyone is welcome! All you need is ideas and opinions!


We’re back!

December 3, 2010

Hello, Pub Reclaimers!

Following a few months in the wilderness, Reclaim The Pub is officially back on, now organised by me and Georgie

We’ll be organising another evening of feminist discussion and the beverage of your choice this month. We’ll keep you posted. IT;s likely to be 15th or 16th December.

The theme of our next meeting will be “How will the cuts effect women?” For more about why this matters, have a look here!

More information coming soon!