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Feminism in The Stylist

June 9, 2010

I rarely pick up copies of The Stylist on my commute, but today noticed several women quite absorbed in an article titled “Are You A Secret Feminist?” Turns out, The Stylist is also available online, and you can read the article, and an interview with four prominent feminist campaigners online here on pages 37-43. What do you think?

D x


More Food for Thought

June 4, 2010

The good thing about only having a meeting once a month, is that a lot happens between meetings, in terms of current affairs, politics and world events.

In particular this month, there’s been a lot of discussion on the proposal to grant anonymity to rape defendants.

These two blogposts by Laurie Penny on Liberal Conspiracy and Rumbold on Pickled Politics show both sides of the argument from a woman-friendly perspective. What do you think? Would anonymity work in women’s favour in cases that receive intense media coverage, eg. celebrity cases? Does anonymity just further the false argument that women “cry rape” for attention?

On a lighter note, if the weather isn’t too inclement, we’re considering Reclaiming the Park, perhaps on a weekend with a picnic: mini-feminists are encouraged to join us. Would anyone be interested?

Dawn and Carmen x

Now Facebook-able

May 4, 2010

Reclaim the Pub is now available on Facebook here. Join up, invite people along, and make comments etc. Soon all social media sites will be overrun by feminists, who also like pubs. This will mainly be used for people to ask questions, make suggestions and post relevant links. We promise we won’t spam you every five seconds, but we may send you the occasional one-off reminder, or will let you know if a volcano erupts in the pub. Which seems less unlikely than it did a month ago.