About us

We are Dawn and Carmen, feminists and proud. Here are some questions we get asked a lot:

What is Reclaim The Pub?
Reclaim The Pub is a monthly meetup for feminists in London, currently held in The Roebuck, Borough. We chat about pretty much anything, from the latest misogynistic gaffe in the media to the damn price of renting in this fair city. Eventually, we’d like to book some speakers in to give some thought provoking entertainment, but for now it’s a great place to meet like minded people and make friends.

Is it just for women only?
Not at all. If you’re under the impression that men and women are equal and should be treated as such by getting the same pay for the same work, the same amount of parental leave, and the same level of respect when out and about then that makes you a feminist too. Isn’t that nice?

But aren’t all feminists man-hating lesbians who don’t shave their legs?
Heavens no. Some of us don’t shave our armpits either.


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