More reading on Women & the Cuts

December 7, 2010

Greetings all,

I’m here with some information which may be of interest for our theme this month, on how the UK’s new budget will effect women.

You may have heard that the Fawcett Society recently put forward a legal challenge to the government’s emergency budget. The challenge was on the basis that it would bring greater harm to women than men, and was therefore against discrimination laws. Sadly, the High Court has refused this challenge this week.

However, there’s lots of interesting work being done on the gender equality of the cuts, and below is some interesting reading:

Hope to see you all on Wed 15th to discuss this more!


2 Responses to “More reading on Women & the Cuts”

  1. Tim E Bandit Says:

    I presume this is at about 6 ish ??
    Please clarify
    Thanks for your time

    Lady Gaga

  2. mortari Says:

    Yep, any time from 6pm onwards. 🙂

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