What’s Your Story?

August 14, 2010

After the last Reclaim The Pub on Thursday (thanks to everyone for coming!), I started thinking about why I call myself a feminist and others don’t. Maybe even the definition of feminism that I ascribe to. It got me thinking about when I first started reading about feminism, and how angry it made me that women all over the world still have to fight for equality. At the time, my mother was going through her own personal struggle with the break up of my parents marriage, so we were both learning about feminism together, and having a brother and some very good male role models around (my grandad could be the greatest man alive!) probably contributed to my emphasis on gender equality now.

I understand feminism to be about gender equality, and that this equality is beneficial for both men and women. Kids learn to respect and understand eachother, and then grow up to form mature relationships with eachother. Financial responsibilities are shared, emotional struggles are halved by having an equal to communicate with.

I treat men and women completely equally, expect the same standards for both, am equally impressed by any persons ability to reach stuff off the top shelf or cook a slap up meal. I don’t know many men that knit or crochet, but the guy who runs IKL in Waterloo is probably just as good a place as any to start. I’d like to think that gender stereotyping is losing its value as more people embrace the idea of equality.

How do you identify with feminism on a personal level?



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