News Alert 17/05/10

May 17, 2010

Well, it’s been a week since our first meeting and there’s plenty to report, ladies and gentlemen:

We made the Guardian!

The affable @mePadraigReidy totally plugged us on the telly! [If there is a link, we will post it here]

The Facebook group has reached 100 followers and counting!!/group.php?gid=119193488095218&ref=ts

Tuesdays meeting was glorious, we laughed, we japed, and we discussed some fascinating issues – Danny Dyer/Zoo-Gate, Boobquake, lack of female ministers, Belgium and their ban on burkhas, Belle du Jour, and the bloody cost of living in London.

The meeting was such a success that we’ll be doing it again next month, wahey!

We had a fair few people approach us to commiserate Tuesday evenings as it clashes with the rehearsals of the spectacular BHA choir, so our next meetup will be in The Roebuck, near Borough, on Thursday 10th June.

Once again, please find the table booked under the name “Ada Lovelace” from about 6.30pm. All are welcome, whether you believe men and women are equal and should be treated as such, or not. We’d love to hear your point of view.

Thanks for reading!

Dawn and Carmen


One Response to “News Alert 17/05/10”

  1. Agi Says:

    Is Feminism London centric?

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